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Does this guy ever stop?

With the twenty-sixth edition of his Hip-Hop Weekly series, Crooked I proves again that all he needs is one week to show why he’s one of the most talented emcees in the game.

After hearing this week’s installment over “One Mic,” I doubt even Nas could disagree.

With extremely complex rhyme schemes, full of some of the slickest metaphors you’ve ever heard, Mr. Intriago paints Picassos with his words over the One Mic beat. He gets vivid, speaking on lesser adversaries, his separate run-ins with the Big Two at Def Jam, and the advice he got from the late Tupac Shakur, among other things. With quality like this every week, it seems almost too easy for him.

In my opinion, as far as lyrics and work ethic go, he’s setting the standard right now.

Next week, the Crook will have been putting out new music every week for half a year. Think about that. This is coming from a dude who literally had people begging for new shit on his message board less than two years ago.

Now, he’s on the cover of XXL, and he’s got more Internet love than Pam Anderson in ‘99. He’s got so much e-buzz, rappers with more notoriety than him are biting his weekly gimmick. If he could get a video out for “New West Anthem,” or possibly (gasp) a release date, then he might get that kind of love from the mainstream.

Until then, when he’s hopefully got his hits on the radio and a couple ringtone checks, I’ll just keep waiting for Wednesdays.

Crooked I – Hip-Hop Weekly 26 (One Mic)

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