The Week In Rap Parodies: Affion Crockett, A Midlife Crisis & A MMG Jew

08.12.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Hip-Hop, you are in a state of emergency. No, it’s not from a record sales drought or some right-wing Republican on your neck. You are becoming a victim of your own lack of quality product you put out. When comedians and cornballs alike are consistently copying your style (and doing it rather well I may add), it’s time for artists, A&R’s and fans to up the standard on what they allow to get broken into the mainstream.

G-Unit Inc., a once prominent establishment for hardcore music, just signed DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame to a three-album deal. Hip-Hop, stop making a mockery of yourselves just to get that fast buck.

Here’s a look at some of the madness to grace my inbox this week.

Affion Crockett – “In The Flow” (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz & Freeway Spoof) — As the reigning king of celebrity impersonations, Affion Crockett is gearing up for his new TV show, In The Flow, airing Sunday August 14th at 9pm on FOX. As an avid fan of rap music, he’s got all the biggest names and their mannerisms down pat. Even Peter Gunz had something to say about it.

A. Samuels – “Livin De Life” — The best way to kill a trend is to have your grandfather learn about it. Allen Samuels is a 55-year-old casino owner from Atlantic City with too much time and money on his hands and he wants to rub it in your recession-smitten faces. Nevermind the fact that he looks absolutely ridiculous. Notice that his cadence and content isn’t that far off from several of the middling rappers in the game today. “Livin De Life?” Nah, how about we let this shtick die once and for all.

Berger – “I’ma Jew” — From the streets to the synagogue, Jacob Berger wants you to remember that he’s a true-blue Jew who will knock your whole kippa off if you look at him funny. In his latest comedic routine, he creatively borrows Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ “I’ma Boss” and puts his own Star of David on it. “Curb that enthusiasm/call me Mr. David/Seinfield style/I’m that Jew for the ages.” Good grief.

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