The Week That Was…

02.15.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

The week that was or has been was a very good one here in TSS land. In case you missed anything or were out lovin it up with your honey bunch, here’s what transpired.

Diplo got down & dirty with Corey Bloom, droppin science on turntabilism.

Kanye woo’ed the world once again…with a two minute video trailer.

— PM wondered aloud where art thou, o classics of today. Contraâ„¢ talked love/lust while David expressed similar thoughts, using Ghost as his means of communication.

Prodigy granted us one of his last interviews before his pending upstate trip (before he was later granted yet another stay).

— A Dennis Edwards sighting occurred.

— We asked for your help in obtaining a few obscurities.

— We all declared a love for Dillarepeatedly.

— ?uestlove went head-to-head with Travis Barker.

The Dickensian Aspect was lamented & lauded.

Blu got love & so did ‘Face & Joell…and Freezepop…and a couple of Assholes. How’s that for diversity in your iPod?


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