The Week That Was…

08.16.08 9 years ago 23 Comments

As the summer days wind down, the thoughts on everyone’s minds turn fully back to school and work. Despite numerous comparisons to the crack game, the Rap game also compares quite favorably to high school or college. Petty beefs are always popping up and money, clothes, and girls are the main topic of conversation. So after a busy week looking back at ’98, this week was almost like the first day of school.

We all gathered in the commons area before the first bell to shoot the 5 with Gotty and fawn over the latest kicks and fitteds. During homeroom Game, Cube, & GZA couldn’t wait to say present at morning roll. We also had a moment of silence for famous alumni that checked out too soon: Issac Hayes & Bernie. (RIP)

For their summer projects Mundy spoke on his 20 favorite things to happen in ’08 thus far, while our favorite over-acheiver LC Weber profiled Buff-1and Diz Gibran: two seniors ready to fbuckle down and make the most of their senior year.

Pat M. helped Vadalyzm put his bid in for homecoming king. But he’s facing stiff competition as Jaycee, Curren$y, Ced Huges, LA, & Trackstar all put out mixtapes to his one song. Coldplay also tried to put in bid as well, before realizing they had a better shot last year. Meanwhile, the Seniors (T.I., Luda, & Jeezy) smirked in the parking lot at underclassmen lobbying way too soon.

The Re-Up Gang, Young Berg, & Skillz all looked over their grades from summer school, while Rhymefest, Kanye, Game, & Invincible turned in video essays. Over in P.E., Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson was causing a stink for no reason. Everyone was marveling at the skills of Michael Phelps and Team USA during the Olympic Games, but boys will boys as we spent more time focusing on the Olympic Dames. Even Principal Dubya got in on the action.

David D. snitched on Doom for pulling the same senior prank over and over again (give it up.) The homie Boney gave us a first look at the new girls. Snoop and Jay-Z came back to pick-up their yearbooks, but little brother still managed to steal some of the shine.

Things are starting to look up at Cooley High as everybody’s gearing up for 1st & 2nd (3rd & 4th) quarter and putting those finishing touches on their reports. And somebody better tell Jeezy that vacation’s over, it’s time to help to help Obama with his bid for Class President.

Welcome back…class is in session.

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