The Week That Was…

11.01.08 9 years ago 12 Comments


That might be this week’s motif.

DG YolaDres of Black Sheep. Sly Boogie. G-Dep. dead prez. T-Pain firing back @ his detractors. M.O.P. forming an attack against wrestler John Cena. Jaycee took the masses back to the New Jack Swing era, causing Teef to do the Running Man in his Skidz. Don’t worry, Jay, Teef’s mom is gonna make him pay out his allowance for the hole he burned into the carpet while dancing. You’re off the hook for that one.

“Comebacks” would be followed in a close second by “mixtapes.”

GLC. Coldplay x Jay. Lloyd Banks. Charles Hamilton. AZ. The homie Kaos.

After that, we were only left with a wealth of unanswered questions.

Can anybody locate Jay Electronica?

Can EMI recoup from its loss?

Can someone please break Lil Wayne’s fingers?

Can someone pass the bread?

Could Nashville be the new L.A.?

Can you show your financial support for Black Milk & TRONIC?

Can you/me/we be cool until after November 4th?

Along a similar vein, could the unmentionable really happen?

Can someone please tell father & son the obvious truth?

Can we please get more black cops?

And has there ever been a longer, but better, Smoking Session than with a “crackhead“?

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