The Week That Was…

11.15.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

Okaaaaaaaay, we’re reloaded.

This week the whole crew lined up to look back at the past, set sights on the future, and take aim at the current potential threats.

PatricK M. visited the library to remind us why Hip-Hop can’t and won’t stop, as he walked us through Q-Tip’s Renaissance, while the rest of us visited the cellars of the Underground Kingz and tombs of The Pharaoh Nas.

We also uncovered President Carter’s collection, and revisited his past endeavors. Mr. MZ listened to him recount his own history, as he made history, with the help of the aforementioned Pharaoh and one of the Kings of the South, all the while paying hommage to the new President; some guy named Obama. Mr. David D. evaluated how he may inspire a brighter future (no pun), and we got a chance to re-experience his eloquence.

Indeed the future is looking bright, with Von Pea, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, B.o.B, and Sonic Charles Hamilton taking the reigns with conviction, however certain current powerhouses are making missteps. Mr. West, of Chicago, continues to fumble and drop tracks, prompting Mr. John Gotty™, and his tub of Harolds, to draft him a letter of reprimand. Some in his camp have followed his path, dropping new videos to old tracks, whereas, Really Doe delivered the new good word.

88-Keys gets honorable mention and his own paragraph. Kudos.

Ms. LC Weber, queen of the west and TSS at large, tackled another hero who may have potentially dropped the ball, as Mr. Matthew Mundy temporarily laid to rest a feud with an old nemesis. K1NG critiqued The Knux’ eligibility, as Trick Trick told Mr. Landon A who he’s targeting next. Another crew member fired warning shot’s at Plies.

Q-Tip and Lil’ Wayne both made appearance in a week so star-studded even Jesus made an appearance.

Even sneaker’s got assessed as we celebrated the return of some classics, the destruction of some oldie’s but goodies, and hailed new greatness.

Ms. L stole the show with her return last night, and we salute her…as well as all the fallen soldiers and vets.

Let’s zone out to some blues as we look forward to another better week.

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