The Week That Was…

11.29.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

In a week, marked by retail sales & tryptophan, we the people were either be actively active or amused spectators as the worlds of music & entertainment provided the fun.

Alfamega whooped ass & took names @ The Dirty Awards.

It used to be that Lil Wayne was a the designated comment-starter around these parts. Currently, 808’s and Heartbreak holds that crown firmly.

Common sprung a surprise leak(s) as tracks started appearing out of nowhere. Jimmy Jones, affectionately referred to as “Jenny Jones” by Teef, got some obviously craved attention with his “Hip-Hop Monologues” and his upcoming A Tribute To Bad Santa.

On the other side of things, Beware opened a few more eyes & ears to Chromeo while I, Gotty™, lead the choir in singing “the bitch part.”. Beyonce/Sasha & T-Pain got love too, from Jada & David respectively.

John Forté is a free man again, courtesy of Dubya. Boosie’s struggle was documented. The Yay Area was well represented by E-40 Fonzarelli & Messy Marv.

The Redskins Sean Taylor was remembered. LC & Beware’s Lions forgot to show up for the their game on Thursday but still received their annual Turkey Day basting @ the hands of the Titans. Yep, it’s still cold in the D.

Happy Birthday Jean Grae! We celebrated her along with the winners in our NBA 2K9 Giveaway (More free shit to come!)

Cham dropped …Messiah 5. Charlie Hamilton The Intervention. Nature found some of his Lost Tapes. Wayne Drought 6. Statlanta’s The Bailout. Benzi & Diplo dropped PRG’s Fear & Loathing… And U-God…well, was that even noteworthy?

The best title for a post this week? Mark my ballot with LC’s “Surrounded By Oxymorons.”

The Aristocrats Mixtape is right around the corner.

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