The Week That Was…

03.01.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

Kvone2kx said…

i miss the tss days where there was only like 5 post a week., i got a life yall i cant keep up with all ya bablin lol nah just fuckin with ya it’s great how theres so much goin on and how much comunication has brought us “the hip hop comunity” up.. 0ne!!

Ahh, Kv, I feel you my dude. Days were much easier when it was just one post per day. What was that, two to three years ago? Things changed & since we’re hellbent on taking over the e-world, got a Crew who’s determined to scribe about any & everything, we just started doing five posts…per day.

But, we decided that these Weekly Reviews were good for all involved because it gives you a chance to get caught up. Updating your RSS feeds might be another option but I digress.

Looking back on quite the busy week, TSS Lite style.

Who got featured?

C.R.A.C., aka Blu and Ta’raach, as LC peeped their live performance @ Tripboogie & previewed The Piece Talks.

Vinroc got Reconstructed.

And NYOIL did a Session with Wit-E. Quite stellar in fact & well worth the price of admission.

Who got reviewed?

Pete Rock. Mijac. eMC.

Who got introduced?

Dappa. Bless 1. Akrobatik. Cavalier (well…reintroduced actually).

Who provided us with visuals?

A lot of artists.

Who dropped notable tracks?

All the ex-Terror Squad members threw Nerf darts @ Fat Joe.

Jay & MJB debuted a track…and concert tix rose considerably as a side effect.

Jay Electronica. Henceforth, I pretty much refuse to say anything but his name. Anything more creates a furor that I don’t want to add to until dude gives us some full length material. Jay Electronica.

Who said what?

MZ got stranded on an island with 10 CDs…and so did a whooole lot of other people.

Beware cracked the vaults.

Lil Wayne apparently feels like dying…

We learned our alphabet.

Snoop hired a ghostwriter(s) for his new album.

The Clipse went insane…and we were there.

Larry Davis ended up on the wrong end of a shank.

We continously dropped that piffery.


Nappy Roots – No Static (Got An Automatic)

Fat Joe – Thank God For That White (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Grafh – Public Service Announcement Freestyle

Plies & NeYo – Bust It Baby Part 2

Prodigy – Thing Things

Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige – You’re Welcome (No DJ)

Snoop Dogg – One Chance (Make It Good) (Prod. Frequency)

Idle Warship (Talib Kweli & Res) – Screamin’ (Prod. by Zeferiah)

Sunkiss – We Go Back (Prod. DJ Premier)


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