TWTW: The Father’s Day Edition

06.21.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

First off, big salute to all the fathers out there. On the streets, at war, at work, hustling, locked up, who still find strength to maintain and still keep the babies. You’re raising the future. We doff our hats to you.

Back to our regular scheduled programming. What did you miss this week?

The Lakers sonned whatever that other team was The Magic.

Sa-Ra and Raheem DeVaughn provided more music to make more babies to.

– Killer Mike re-emerged to discipline you truant children.

– We looked back at the Jordan True Blues, the mack daddy of all sneakers, in my dishonest opinion.

– The good folks at Slaughterhouse embarrassed their children and entertained the rest of us with a little skit.

Playboy Tre returned to the internet. No father pun here, we’re just happy to have him back.

– If Taylor Swift…T-Swizzy and T-Pain were to have a baby, it would sound like this.

– The Obama girls must be happy to know their daddy is a effing ninja. At this point, if he revealed he could fly, we wouldn’t even be surprised.

– M.O.P proved that when you are on the same track as them, regardless of your caliber, you are their child.

– Then of course Maino gave us some tips on how to end with any drama with your baby’s mama.


Grandfather of the week: Morgan Freeman.

Best Father’s Day Present: Major SS Tees

Mixtapes worth a peep:

B.o.B – Who The F#@k Is B.o.B Mixtape (No DJ)

Greg Street & Grand Hustle – Greg Hustle Mixtape

50 Cent – War Angel LP


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Wale
TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Donny Goines

Happy Father’s Day. See you next week kids.


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