The Week That Was: To The Victor Belong The Spoils Edition

02.06.10 8 years ago

And just like that we turn the calender page another month is in the books.  Seeing how I was outta pocket for most of the week due to work, I actually had to do this one just to catch myself back up with what’s been going on.  So whether you were here everyday or need a refreshers course, take a look back with us.

— Between the Celtics Vs. Lakers & The Grammys, January went out on a high note.

Dwight’s baby momma got low… for peanuts & her son’s future shame.

Freddie Foxx rocked some poor schlub’s snot box & Freddie Gibbs invaded NYC.

— It may be debatable that Wayne’s the top “pitch” man, but D. Rose turned in the top dunk of the week.

— ?uesto showed off NBC’s Black History Menu.  It looked Ooooooootay © Buckwheat

— David spoke on Vampires & Heartbreak.

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