The Week That Was: Performance Enhancer Edition

07.19.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Some weeks can be harder to get up for than others. At TSS, we believe there’s nothing wrong with using a little help to get through the rough weeks if need be. After all, that’s why we provide The Cooler.

Not everyone’s so high on performance enhancers though. Jay snubbed Ye’s Auto-Tune adventures. Everyone wished someone had spiked Barack’s coffee after Obama’s weak first pitch and skinny jeans combo. Meanwhile swimmer Ryan Lochte needs to be retested after going Mike Jones on us.

At TSS, our production was clean and consistent as usual. We hit you with reviews of new Wu-Tang Clan and Ace Hood. The Kid Daytona picked up 4 Cigs for Come Fly With Me and enhanced the performance of our wallets by giving it away. Trackstar the DJ also blessed us with his latest summer mix, more free good music for your ears. And one knows if the World’s Fastest Rapper has some dirty secret to his speedy rhyme style. TC forgot to ask that question, but found out plenty more about Twista’s latest album.

Speaking of performance enhancers, there’s this guy. Also we learned from Professor Contra™ that rain is a performance enhancer for avoiding sociopaths. And Prop Jay took us back to when Ebony severely underestimated MJ’s future obsession with “enhancing,” his looks. There was nothing fake about his chart performance this week, however. Also J. Tinsley broke down The Game’s attempts to enhance the performance of his upcoming album by manufacturing beef with Jay-Z.

Want to enhance your own performance with members of the opposite sex? Try playing your special someone some 88-Keys to get out “The Friend Zone.” Or prove to them how cool you are by rattling off all the great local artists you’ve picked up from TSS. (This week we gave you Detroit’s Finale and Tennekey’s Haystak, Jersey’s MoO, along with more goodies from Pac Div and STL’s Rockwell Knuckles.) Just remember if we get you laid, karma demands you show support by purchasing a TSS t-shirt. Gotty’s™ promised the Crew free Harold’s Chicken (endorsed by Curren$y) if we sell 500 so hurry up cause I’m hungry.

In a world where we can’t be sure what’s real, this week provided three examples of truths we can hold onto. First, our President can give a mean speech, especially when the subject is racial identity. Second, 90’s Snoop and Dre aint nuthin’ to fuck with. And third, it’s always funny to watch clown-ass fake thugs get their ass kicked.

Even if it is by a guy on steroids.

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