The Week That Was: The Frozen In Dallas Edition

02.04.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

— Word on the street is that there is a big football game this weekend. Here are three things that’ll make it better: these crazy bets, the possibility of free pizza and, if you’re a Packers fan, Lil Wayne’s new fight song.

— David D. was man enough to admit when he was wrong and gave a history lesson on MF Doom.

— Project Pat has a new side hustle.

— Several mixtapes were highlighted this week including Travis Porter, Money Making Jam Boys, USDA and Game.

— Cam’ron is a ladies man and we’ve got the evidence to prove so.

— Gotty™ kicked it with Kobe Bryant and Yelawolf in a week’s time and returned to give us the low down.

— Don’t call it equal opportunity bashing, but Madea will soon be a white woman.

— Lupe Fiasco had some words to get off his chest.

— Two things to support: The Hip-Hop Word Counter and Kool Herc.

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