The Week That Was: The Aftermath

01.16.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Haiti was on the forefront of everyone’s minds this week, both near and far.  A lot of people rushed in with support efforts for a country that’s long been forgotten and overlooked.  Sadly, some people saw this as a good time to bring up a non-profit’s faulty books, while not keeping in mind how it might affect aid to Haiti. Although the story will begin to lose steam in the coming weeks, the hard work is only beginning now.  While everything else seems a bit trivial in light of this, we still present to you what else went on aroud here.

—  Scottie went “balls” deep in love and kicked it with the little people.  Hilarity ensued and he should’ve gave Chuck a few pointers.

— We know quality trumps quantity nine times out of ten.  LC weighed in on what exactly quality product is to her.

Manchester fans got hosed and Togo couldn’t play.

— Making up for all the unanswered letters to Santa, Big Boi responded to Tin’s Open Letter to ‘Kast.

— Nobody remembers second place. Yet, the same can’t be said for “Pants On The Ground.”

Mystikal came home & Lane got (another) new home.

— The grass isn’t always greener and Lox have signed another deal with the devil.

— And as if Haiti wasn’t enough:  R.I.P Teddy P.

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