The Week That Was…

02.02.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

Stop Me

We’re going to stop & give you a recap of all things good, bad, small & large this week @ The Section…

Everyone debated…to the tune of nearly 200 comments.

Joe Budden was trumped by Hov, even if it was later found out to be old Hov. But Jay did drop the video for American Gangster’s “Pray” as well so he still trumped the industry for attention.

Big Noyd let us know that he gets international love & still loved his Mobb brethren.

Uncle Murda got clapped, yapped back & then got served by Pap.


Devin The Dude was celebrated by many of you. Bill Cosby plans to drop a rap album but David D. is hoping he doesn’t have his collaborators send in their contributions. Gnarls Barkley, Wale, Fab, Wayne & Game all made appearances (watch for more Wayne).

And Ric Flair’s career & retirement were lauded. Woooh!


Busy week I guess.

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