The Weeknd – ‘Often’ Video

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08.21.14 7 Comments

the weeknd often video

I was one of those Weeknd fans, the ones running around telling anybody that would listen that this mysterious act with a funny name was the best thing going. You know, back when I thought “The Weeknd” was a band, when we had no clue what he looked like or where he was from.

They only thing any of us really knew was Drake was cosigning him.

As time went on, Abel has gradually moved away from what made House of Balloons so amazing, but “Often” is a return of sorts. He’s even back to harmonizing about his affinity for the white, both women and drugs. He continues the return to form with the video, which is what the 2011 me imagined a Weeknd video would be: Abel zonked out of his mind surrounded by several lady friends .

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