Clay Davis From ‘The Wire’ Is Teaching People How To Say ‘Sheeeeit’ Properly

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01.27.15 8 Comments

I’m sure pretty when Isiah Whitlock, Jr. decided he wanted to be an actor he never imagined this would be his legacy, but a legacy it is.

The man who starred as crooked Senator Clay Davis on The Wire has become synonymous for his delivery of a word that is often used to describe feces.

And the man has owned it.

Yep, Clay Davis has a Vine.

Now, Whitlock is taking it a step further and teaching a class of eager actors the delivery of his infamous line at The Whitlock Academy. Specializing in the art of “Sheeeeeeeeeitspeare” he schools his class on the ins and outs of “sheeeeeeit.”

It’s not real and I know that, except I just wish it was. I wish the Hitman School taught by Chris and Snoop was real too because I’d attend that as well. Same for Stringer Bell’s drug dealing meetings and Lester Freamon’s miniature furniture wood shop class. That would be my favorite semester of college ever.


(via AV Club)

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