Me, LC & Sheed

11.22.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Being the bastion of wisdom that he is, Sheed dropped off this (now old) jewel & I agree. I tried Twitter for a sustained period but had to give up and have taken my seat back on the sidelines with Ms. Weber. It looks like Sheed went in with high hopes, as did I, only to discover the inevitable. It’s too fast, too much going on, too time consuming as if I don’t have enough time-draining online activities. Too many micro conversations all buzzing @ once. And we’re obviously all three too old school. As Dustin said, Sheed probably still uses cassette tapes, LC doesn’t know how to download (think about that) and me…I’m just hardheaded, taking a Cicero approach to most matters.

I’m not as far behind on updating as Sheed is. I still check in periodically but definitely not enough to warrant saying I’m an actual member of the place. We’ve still got the @TSS_Crew joint going with regular updates and I believe the rest of the hooligans still reside there.

I did set up a a Tumblr though. Even if I only have the slightest of ideas what it’s really about, I like the random, artsy vibe to it. Yeah, it’s blank right now but give me a minute.


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