The World According To Julie J: Dance On That Work

01.24.15 3 years ago

DC Young Fly – Supplyin Pressure Mixtape

There’s not much out there on the Internuts about DC Young Fly, which is impressive for any rapper. In fact, there might be more entries on your random co-worker than there is for this guy.

He’s also the guy, however, who says “Bring That Ass Here Boy” on Instagram. I didn’t even know this was a thing until The Google divulged this, but apparently it is. These viral vines make me feel increasingly out of touch with the youngsters.

Another fairly important thing to note, which can also be gleaned by looking at the artwork, is that he’s part of Lil Silk’s Archive Nation. If you’re familiar with them, then the release of Supplyin Pressure is most definitely something to be excited about. Lil Silk, whose influence and spastic style are certainly obvious, makes an appearance, while he snags verses by Kevin Gates, Trae Tha Truth, and Sy Ari Da Kid. Fly isn’t quite as out there as his Archive Nation leader, and has a slightly more polished style to him.

Just know that there’s a lot more to DC Young Fly than “Bring That Ass Here Boy.” Yes, that colorful personality asserts itself throughout the tape, but that’s just the beginning. “Myself” and “What I Been Thru” are a couple examples of him going a little deeper while maintaining catchiness, while “Love Em All” is approaching smooth R&B status. Overall, the tape sounds best in the car, or in the gym, and isn’t that all that matters, anyway?



Dreezy Ft. Lil Herb – “Boss (Remix)”

Chicago feels like a broken faucet that spills forth an endless supply of talented artists. While the females aren’t as well represented as their male counterparts, that might slowly be changing, especially with Dreezy just having signed to Interscope.

To celebrate that, she lets loose the “Boss (Remix)” with Lil Herb. They go bar for bar, and it’s like they’re making a mix of being lyrical while repping for the dwindling drill scene. The artwork suggests that she and Herbo are the Queen and King of Chicago, respectively, and after listening to this, it’d be hard to make a case otherwise (and KATIEEEE doesn’t count because she’s the President). Even though Lil Herb and Bibby are dope together, no one would be mad if Dreezy and Herb continued making music together.

Cap 1 – “Dance On That Work” Video

Cap 1 shows no signs of slowing down. Having recently last week’s Bird Bath EP (hurrah! another short project!), he follows it up with the video for “Dance On That Work.”

“Dance On That Work” is a fairly lowkey production by the highly prolific A Zae Production that shoots a ton of Chicago (and beyond) music videos. Despite that, it really couldn’t fit Cap 1 any better, and what I imagine him doing when I listen to his music. He’s bouncing around, literally, and full of energy. Maybe it’s that baking soda he’s dancing all over, and maybe it isn’t. Zae captures the essence of the Chicago/ATLien rapper wonderfully with the jolting and jarring shots that emphasize his abundant energy.

Grab that Bird Bath EP, too, while you’re at it (right here).


Big Kuntry King – “Bankroll” (Prod. By FKi)

When Big Kuntry King returns with new music, it’s always worth checking for, if only because “Tha Baddest” was my song for one summer. This time around, though, FKi has laced him with the beat for “Bankroll.” It is their usual upbeat, minimalistic affair, and 1st and Rich’s, or FKi’s, sstylisticchoices of singing and rapping are evident. And no, I’m not mad at that.

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