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01.09.16 2 years ago

zach farlow the great escape 2 mixtape

Zach Farlow – The Great Escape 2 Mixtape

This time nearly two years ago, Zach Farlow released his debut mixtape The Great Escape (I remember because it coincided with the first installment of my column). I vaguely remember enjoying the tape, but thinking that a couple of the songs, were a little cliche content-wise. Either I’ve become accustomed to a higher level basic in the last couple years, or Zach’s just got better at making songs, both equally probable scenarios – that’s what working in insurance will do to you.

It follows in the same direction that the original came in, which is basically him employing his distinct singing-like delivery over the best of the best of Atlanta producers. Metro Boomin, Southside, DJ Spinz, TM88, and London On Da Track, among others, lace him up. The intro, “Down For Another,” sets the tone for the rest of the tape, as it sounds like he didn’t miss a step. Regardless, this is another solid step in the right direction. Overall, Escape 2‘s slightly mesmerizing in that you can just let it play and zone out, especially while you’re driving. I can imagine that any commute will be made better with the addition of Farlow’s latest offering.

Stream The Great Escape 2 below, or download it here.

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