The World According To Julie J: It Feels Good 2 Be Rich

08.16.14 3 years ago

Rich The Kid – Feels Good 2 Be Rich 2 Mixtape

If I wasn’t paying attention to my iTunes while Feels Good 2 Be Rich came up, and was doing something that’s opposite of the lavish, opulent lifestyle rapped about by the Migos and friends – you know, like cleaning my bathroom, or loading towels into the washing machine, boring stuff that I can’t imagine anyone from the QC Label would be burdened with – it could pass as another compilation type project from the label.

As it goes, though, it’s Rich’s tape, albeit with tons of influence from the hottest trio in Atlanta right now (sorry Travis Porter, I still have love for you!). Fortunately, this isn’t a half assed attempt at riding the coattails of his labelmates. Instead, Rich The Kid crafts club-ready, car system-destroying southern rap tracks that I will enjoy while working out in the gym because that’s the best time to be listening to trap rap. Can you imagine getting psyched up to work out while listening to “Let Nas Down?” Exactly.

The usual suspects like Migos, Young Thug, Soulja Boy, Zaytoven, KE, and Metro Boomin are around, but a couple surprises like Jeremih, Rockie Fresh, and Stalley allow it to not be the atypical tape churned out from Atlanta. And out of the 19 tracks, “Goin Crazy” remains the highlight of the tape for me.

Chances are that if you don’t like Migos, then you won’t like Feels Good 2 Be Rich, and by extension you probably don’t venture into my World anyway. Migos and their influence are sticking around to the chagrin of some people. I’m not sure if I’m friends with anyone who actively spends time cutting them down instead of listening to other music, but odds are that they exist.

Though I still don’t feel like I’ve gleaned much of an understanding as to who Rich The Kid is, other than he’s rich, and being rich is so great that he’s had to make two mixtapes named that in order to convey it. Do I mean those puns? *sigh* Of course.

DownloadRich The Kid – Feels Good 2 Be Rich Mixtape

Dose Ft. Young Thug & Lil Durk – “Truth” (Prod. Southside)

If it’s “Truth” you want, then that’s what you’ll get from Young Thug, or so he croaks on the hook for Dose’s latest cut. Lil Durk and Thug have already shown us the trouble that they’re capable of inflicting, and that’s not to say Dose doesn’t hold his own with the two, because he does. In fact, said party is only prolonged with Dose.


Propain Ft. Rich Homie Quan & Kevin Gates – “2 Rounds” (Remix)

Oddly enough, Propain’s remix to “2 Rounds” is the second song this week to feature both Kevin Gates and Rich Homie Quan. Well, to be technical, Quan was on Propain’s original, so he’s contributing far more than a mere little adlib this time around.

“2 Rounds” has that chill, almost lovey vibe to it that Gates disrupts and wreaks havoc on to announce his arrival. He dips in and out of his moods, yelling, crooning, and getting all riled up once again. This should be fairly obvious by now, but I will unabashedly admit that I’ll listen to anything if KG is on there.


Nyemiah Supreme Ft. K Camp – “No Questions”

If you have any questions for Nyemiah Supreme, good luck with that. As if she didn’t already draw her line in the sand and dare you to cross, she had to get K Camp to further back her up with “No Questions.”

I wasn’t aware until I did a basic Internet search, but The Google told me that Nyemiah Supreme is also on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, which is on the Oxygen Network. I couldn’t even tell you what channel Oxygen is, and even if I could, I couldn’t think of many shows that sound less appealing than that, except maybe Property Brothers on HGTV.

I may not be a fan of reality shows like that, but at least I can take solace in “No Questions,” and have that hook play on loop when I have the weirdos in the club trying to ask me what I do.


Frenchie – “So Long”

One might think that “So Long” doesn’t really fit in around these parts, what with my appreciation of all things 808 Mafia and the fact that I’ve downloaded every Gucci Mane album this year. Wrong! I love heartwrenching, emo music as much as anything else! Us e-thugs aren’t hard all the time.

In fact, Frenchie has been down with Gucci and Waka for a minute now, but “So Long” is in a category far beyond those two. “So Long” is a little emotionally draining to listen to, as his longing is only heightened by Auto-Tune. In other words, one could potentially mistake him for a sad robot, if he wasn’t slipping in and out of raps in between finding solace in the sad hook.

2 $ Fabo – “I Took It All”

Since I didn’t want to wrap this up on a low note, let me close it out with Fabo. I can’t resist the easy pun that this is now on a high note. A very high note, given that Fabo admits he took it all. Let “I Took It All” play, and just bask in the glory emitted from him suggesting to get “Go Go Gadget Geeked” over and over.

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