The World According To Julie J: Lay It Down

08.23.14 3 years ago 12 Comments


Waka Flocka Flame – “Lay It Down”

This has been a pretty quiet week for music in the Internuts, which you’d be aware of if you weren’t living under a rock. Our country smothers and burns, and then, “Anaconda.”

Fortunately, if there’s one person we can count on to deliver, it’s Waka Flocka Flame. After proving that he can pretty much rap when he feels like it on I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 (get it here), he returns to the bread and butter sound that thrust him and Flockaveli into the national spotlight.

“Lay It Down” features plenty of yelling and obscenely loud, heavy hitting bass. It’s that music to shake your dreads to. Noticeably but fortunately absent are lyrical raps and those EDM breakdowns that he’s favored lately. Obviously, it is best enjoyed at very loud levels, and maybe not first thing in the morning.


Rich The Kid – “Talk About Nun” Video

Frankly, Rich The Kid’s Feels Good 2 Be Rich (grab it here) hasn’t aged in the last week as well as I would’ve liked. I know, I know, it’s only been a week, and that’s essentially along the lines of me complaining because I feel elderly at 27.

But, I digress. For the fact that Rich The Kid professes to not be talking on anything in his new video for “Talkin’ Bout Nun” (spoiler alert: there are no nuns) there’s sure a lot going on. His setting resembles what I’d imagine an ancient Egyptian nightclub would look like today, and further gives insight into how the QC boys live their retirement-savings-be-damned lifestyles. I can’t imagine what Indiana Jones would have done, had he stumbled upon this.


PeeWee Longway – “Hurricane”

Post-Hurricane Katrina, did anyone ever think that it’d become a fairly prevalent theme in trap rap? In rap, generally of course, given the social commentary history of the genre, yes, but in regards to wrist whippin? I can’t say that I was able to predict the future on that one.

PeeWee Longway is very clearly referencing (or paying homage to?) the catastrophic natural disaster with “Hurricane.” For the record, Migos’ “FEMA” also comes to mind, but I swear I hear little references to it sprinkles throughout everything I listen to.

But is there another reason that he’s got the Tazmanian Devil in that artwork? It wouldn’t be the first time that the guy put a character in the artwork that bears a slight physical resemblance…

Will Turner Ft. Bankroll & Timmy Baby – “EveryDay’s A Juug” Video

Some people have a more positive outlook toward life than others, and it’s always nice to keep that kind of soul in your circle. Will Turner appears to be that type of person, with the outlook that each day is an opportunity because “Everyday’s A Juug.” I’m not even going to hold it against Will that he’s from Ohio.

Bankroll and Timmy Baby also join Will, as well as plenty of their friends throughout. The song is fairly simple, but that’s it’s appeal now that I think about it. The beat hits, and all three of them ride over it.

H/T to our friends at BoBo for this one.

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