The World According To Julie J: ‘Meet Me In Trap, It’s Going Down…’

08.30.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

RETRO – “Dangerous” Video x The Six Mixtape

This is probably going to sound weird and trolly, but I am getting some post-Kanye-Yeezus vibes from RETRO. Throughout his new tape The Six, he’s bound by both a strict attention to detail and aesthetic, both in beats and his presentation. His beats are out there, but tethered by common elements like those trappy hi hats, and he’s really forging his own lane.

Being that he’s a young guy, maybe he’s still trying to figure out. Or maybe it’s that dual influence of Detroit and Atlanta. Either way, it makes for a compelling listen because each song stands on it’s own, and he’s not being experimental merely for the sake of being experimental, which is the vibe that I get from Kanye these days.

It just so happens, too, that “Dangerous” is one of the stronger songs off the tape (as well as “Resist,” the video for which you can see right here) and is the latest to earn a visual. I feel like the energy of his mob of friends does a decent job at showing the essence of his tape. They’re all wiling, and stylish, and having a good time, which is something that can be easily ignored when rappers are all trying to be cooler than each other by not showing emotions (unless you’re Kevin Gates and you don’t get tired).


Young L – “100z” Video (Prod. By Tarentino)

No one rocks the clear frame glasses quite like Young L. It really takes an extraordinary person to do so. I’m not saying I’m not extraordinary, but I am saying that I can’t rock glasses like that.

Fresh off the heels of his MVP tape (grab it right here), the Internuts welcomed with world wide arms a video for “100z,” which is not to be found on there. Instead, Tarentino of 808 Mafia provides the ominous background, and in true Legend form, he delivers a performance that isn’t the usual trap rapper experience.

In related and fabulous news, I almost fainted this one day when Young L confirmed that his long-awaited tape with Lex Luger is indeed on the way. Of course when I go to try and link the tweet, it appears to have vanished into the black hole of cyberspace, but they’ve been snapped in flicks together on Instagram, so I think that counts for something.

OG Maco – “U Guessed It” Video

But what did I guess, you wonder? All I will say is that you’re asking too many questions.

“U Guessed It” is from his Give Em Hell EP with Key! (download here), and OG Maco definitely looks like he’s on some real good drugs in this video. The stripped down feel to this joint is a welcome change to what all is out there, and coincidentally the perfect backdrop for the shenanigans to unfold. Maco, and his friends, made me smile as I watching them lose it as they ran around, terrorizing the hotel hallway. I sort of wished that an old white couple would pop out of a door and be frightened, but the video is still a great fit to the song.

Key! Ft. Jace of Retro Sushi – “Recoup”

While Key! doesn’t appear in the above video – at least that’s as far as I can see – he’s still working his own material. “Recoup” features an impossibly catchy verse, and a positive outlook towards his, err, investing. The dude at Charles Schwab told me that the investors with the most positive outlook toward the stock market, for example, always seem to do the best. If this is true, then perhaps Key!’s output will remain constant.

“Recoup” is on last year’s Fathers Are The Curse (get the tape here), and I honestly don’t know if he was or wasn’t part of Two-9 back then, or when this video was filmed. I do know, though, that he isn’t part of Two-9 anymore, but it’s nice to see the whole clique backing Jace for his verse.

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