The World According To Julie J: Sauce Goddess

03.07.15 3 years ago 7 Comments

J Money – Sauce God Mixtape

The last time we heard from J Money, he was on his Batman and Robin ish with Yung LA and combined their respective rap powers for Batman And Robin 2. This time around, he lets his sidekick take a breather and drops off his own tape, Sauce God.

Given the organic climate of Atlanta, Sauce God is surprisingly devoid of features, and instead is J Money showing off how he can make some soundtrack music that’s perfect for the shift from Winter to Spring. It’s not all monotonous, though, as it slows down a little bit with “Foreva” and “Down,” before it picks back up.

J Money might have been around longer than the few cats that are featured on here – PeeWee, Dolph, Migos – but he proves that he can keep up with some of the youngins. With a production list of who’s who right now, including Metro Boomin, KE On The Track, Willafool, Zaytoven, and Cassius Jay (“Dope boy Cash!” his little production tag has been more visible than when everyone and their weed carriers were dropping songs with a Thugger feature), it’s not so much futuristic as it is in the now.

Bleu Davinci Ft. Cap 1 And Que – “Freddy”

“Freddy” starts off innocuously enough, but it sure goes downhill fast, and in the best way possible! The innocent take on a nursery rhyme coupled with the harrowing beat make this one of the more memorable tracks of the week. Bleu Davinci, Cap 1, and Que all up the fear factor each time with their ominous raps. There’s levels to this shit, indeed.

Bleu Davinci’s horror remix to childhood hymns is found on his recently released Angels and Demons mixtape (grab it here). Just because it shares the same name as Dan Brown’s wackest novel doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a listen (H/T to FSD on this one).

Rich The Kid Feat. Skippa Da Flippa – “Droppin A 100” Video

Rich The Kid flaunts his QC chain and youthful exuberance in “Droppin A 100,” bouncing around with Skippa Da Flippa on top of a roof for their latest film. If there was ever any question about what crew they’re repping, it’s answered with all the QC The Label memorabilia and mentions throughout the video. Not only are these guys hard workers and consistent rappers, but their promotion game is on point, too.


Ca$hout – “We Ball (Blue Hunnids)” (Prod. By Southside And TM88)

I guess it wouldn’t be another edition of The World According To Julie J if TM88 wasn’t making an appearance in some way. This time around, he cooks up a nasty beat with fellow 808 Mafia member Southside to give Ca$hout a canvas to vocally dance over. Ca$hout, as well as the producers, are all about that life, and “We Ball (Blue Hunnids)” is likely just another day in the life of these guys.


Spiiker, NephewTexasBoy, And Ethan Sacii – “Gramz” (Prod. By Metro Boomin)

Last night, our friends over at DGB hipped me to “Gramz.” Featuring some of the lesser known artists who frequently work with 808 Mafia, like Spiiker, Ethan Sacii, and NephewTexasBoy, it’s slightly more mellow that one would expect, largely because of Metro Boomin’s beat. While it doesn’t make you want to go fight or flip a car over, “Gramz” is still a cut above the rest. Will we probably see more of these three artists this year? Let’s hope so. And let me link you back to NephewTexasBoy’s song “Work,” because it never seems to get old.

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