The World According To Julie J: The Block Is Hot

12.06.14 3 years ago 2 Comments


Chris Fresh – Chris Fresh 5 2.0 EP

808 Mafia has got to be one of the hardest working crews in music right now. While Southside’s been doing his rapping this year, and TM88 is hopefully finishing up his Carte Blanche tape with Rocko, Chris Fresh is keeping busy, too. His Chris Fresh 5 2.0 is a five track EP highlighting some of Fresh’s beats along with verses from his rapper friends.

Recruiting the new and old, the fresh and established, he’s got quite the spectrum of appearances on here. “Dreamer” is probably biggest range of guests, with Blair Maxxxberry, Waka Flocka, and BenG, who we all thought was Waka’s weed carrier. Despite who’s rapping, though, the unifying factor is that slow moving, sludgy feel to all the beats that makes it sound quite cohesive.

Fresh’s 808Keys EP with Key! is also absolutely worth checking out and comes with a very high recommendation.


Taylor J – “Last Night” (Prod. By Christian Lou)

Although my tastes in music have always been a little suspect to some people, including myself. I threw my hands in the air like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ after hearing Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” song, though, and they stay there for all the times that I’ve listened to Taylor J’s “Last Night” on repeat this week.

Should this song bring me as much enjoyment as it does? Sure, why not. It came to be as a beacon of hope, a savior in an otherwise desolate email inbox full of underwhelming, watered down songs. While rapping and singing is the cool thing to do these days, even if you’re not particularly adept at it, Taylor J is already ahead of his contemporaries. Nimbly shifting between smooth croons, double time raps, and a chorus that’ll leave you thinking, there’s really something for everyone in this one.


Hoodrich Pablo Juan Ft. PeeWee Longway & Woop – “Coo Coo Crazy”

A song named “Coo Coo Crazy” should be enough to earn a listen. If it isn’t, then taking a look at the artist names alone should also pique your interest. There’s Hoodrich Pablo Juan, PeeWee Longway, the little guy with incredible breath control and quick rapping, and Woop, a fairly frequent fixture here. “Coo Coo Crazy” has all that going for it, and when you actually click play, it turns out to live up to its own hype.


Edai Ft. Shy Glizzy – “So Far”

Whether it’s Chicago and Atlanta, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the talent coming out of those hotspots. Edai hails from Chicago, and recruits Shy Glizzy, the DMV man of the moment, for the particularly nasty “So Far.” Peppered in between the drilly beat and typical boastful raps about f*cking b*tches and cash and etcetera, he’s actually got a few words of wisdom that make this better than your average turn up track.


Yung Joey – “Dat Pack”

Between Troy Ave and Bobby Shmurda, both of which I’m not convinced are making music still, everyone was all worried about the state of New York Hip Hop. While Yung Joey may or may not alleviate those worries, “Dat Pack” is worth bumping.

It sounds like one of those ubiquitous Atlanta-esque songs, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead of a watered down attempt at biting another area’s sound, celebrate it for what it is. It won’t alter the course of Hip Hop, but it’s something that you can enjoy lightheartedly.

Plus, if co-signs mean anything to anyone anymore, Waka likes it.

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