The World According To Julie J: Underground Cassette Music

10.18.14 3 years ago 18 Comments


It’s difficult to follow, or even drop something in the same week as 10/17 and Trap God 3, but if any duo could do it, and do it more than successfully, it’s Beat King and Gangsta Boo with their Underground Cassette Tape Music.

At fifteen tracks long, it’ll go by too quick. You’ll be on the “Outro” before you know, hearing Gangsta Boo thanking you for listening – when in reality the pleasure is all yours, of course – and then you’ll be blown away because she goes on to say that she’s never met Beat King in real life outside of the Internet. It’s hard to believe that given the chemistry between them, but if that’s what the Queen Of Memphis says then it must be true.

Choosing just a portion of this as a favorite is difficult to do. Aside from the fact that it’s a full length of Gangsta Boo and Beat King, the tracks themselves are especially bass heavy, much to my delight (and disappointment of my laptop speakers). But, some of the samples and features are also incredibly dope. They’ve got “Like A Pimp 2015” that reworks David Banner’s classic and also features a very rare Lil Flip verse. Or, there’s “Roll Hard” that features Paul Wall as well as a sample from “Still Tippin.” They make a strong case for all of them, so really, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing your favorite part of the tape.

Essentially, they create a seamless union of all the best parts of Houston and Memphis rap, a southern rap fan’s dream. Beat King only recently ratcheted his way into my heart with his “Ebola Freestyle,” but Underground Cassette Tape Music ensures him a spot for months to come.

Download – Gangsta Boo & Beat King – Underground Cassette Music Tape



Larry June Ft. OG Maco – “Top Shelf” (Prod by TM88)

No lame puns to be found at least in this sentence, but “Top Shelf” is another instance of OG Maco not screaming on a song, and it’s just as enjoyable but for different reasons than his runaway viral smash “U Guessed It.” The QC rapper is recruited by Larry June, who’s out of the Bay and holding a what appears to be an AK47 in his Twitter picture. In other words, that’s all that this writer knows about him, but she approves of his beat and feature selection.

Meanwhile, TM88 is the latest 808 Mafia producer that’s slowly been having beats out there that are beyond that ‘trap rap’ realm that he’s known for. Between his work as Carte Blanche with Rocko, and this, I have the feeling that he’s got a ton more to impress us with.


Woop – “Old Money”

As Woop proves, not everything or everyone from Florida is bad and/or messed up. The Orlando rapper had the highly enjoyable Woop Lingo from earlier this year, and “Old Money” picks up right where he left off. Taken from DJ Spinatik’s upcoming Get It Live mixtape, “Old Money” isn’t quite as catchy as some of his other songs (see “Rock Out Woop”). On each subsequent listen, though, it sounds better and better. He sounds extremely agile and nimble over this and nonchalantly rides over KE On The Track’s infectious beat.


FKEYi – “OD (OverDoIt)”

FKEYi combine their deadly musical forces, and unlike what the title of their latest collaborative smash, it’s not an “OD” of anything. Instead, it’s all perfectly nuanced like their last song “We And Only We.” It’s still somewhat of a surprise to hear Key! on a beat with EDM breakdowns, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work, because it does.

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