The World According To Julie J: We Rollin’

11.08.14 3 years ago

Mike Fresh – Fresco EP

Earlier this year, Que and Mike Fresh combined their forces for the Que Fresco mixtape that was quite dope largely because of their respective styles, their youthful energy, and the beats at their disposal. While we’ve heard from the Que part of Que Fresco with his Can You Digg It tape, Mike Fresh has remained quiet until his Fresco EP dropped in the middle of October.

At a succinct six tracks, Fresco is a highly concentrated dose of the Zooly Gang artist, who is yet another person to be doing the whole singing and rapping thing. Fortunately, though, he appears to have his own sound that incorporates the unbridled, high energy of a young person over upbeat, party-happy beats that FKi are just so good at.

DownloadMike Fresh – Fresco Mixtape

Zach Farlow – “Solo” Music Video

Still riding out The Great Escape mixtape, the “Solo” video is the latest drop from Zach Farlow. Though his drops are few and far between, they do keep the Tennessee turnt Atlanta resident in our minds, if only fleetingly. Though I can barely remember what I did yesterday, if my memory serves correctly, “Solo” was a favorite off his The Great Escape mixtape.


TQ Ft. Future – “Work”

In a twist more unexpected than Future’s explanation for going blonde (see “Radical,” where he divulges “I went blonde cuz I’m bougie”), the leader of the Freebandz gives an assist to TQ. It’s basically a mashup of 1998 and 2014 in the purest sense of the term, with TQ still having that same sound and Future sounding like Future in 2014.

And yes, not only did I pull up Wikipedia to confirm that “Westside” came out in 1998, but I also had to look twice to make sure that that’s the same TQ.


Brenmar Ft. Rome Fortune And Lil Uzi Vert – “We Rollin”

Looking at a title like “We Rollin,” it’s easy to skip over it because you think you know what the song’s going to be about. Well, you’re right about what it’s about, except together, the three of them reinvigorate a basic subject into an entertaining, fun song mostly because of Brenmar’s beat, that could probably be paired well with Mike Fresco’s tape above.

As usual, Rome Fortune steals the show. The guy is like the chameleon of rap because he sounds great over any type of beat. Seriously, find me any type of beat that he just hasn’t absolutely destroyed. I’ll wait. In the meantime, check out his Small VVorld EP (grab it here.) Between that and Fresco, I’m all out of late passes for the year.

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