Thelonious Martin – “Piece Of Summer”

06.25.13 5 years ago

Thelonious Martin – Piece Of Summer

I often joke that rappers will use any holiday or recognized date on the calendar as an excuse to release music. We’ve had everything from Halloween mixtapes to shitty music released on Thanksgiving as if anybody’s really interested in anything other than turkey or football then. The only significant day that’s gone untapped is Groundhog Day, which I could be wrong about.

Which brings us to the first day of summer, since it passed a few days ago. Oddly and quietly only a sprinkling of tracks dropped that tied themselves to the day, but they’ve all been rather good. I’m not sure if Thelonious Martin strategically planned releasing “Piece Of Summer” now, but we’re all the better for it.

Following up last week’s track with Domo Genesis (“Table Tennis”), “Piece Of Summer” is Martin’s piano-driven work of beauty that would make studio vets like Pete Rock and DJ Premier smile from ear-to-ear. It’s hard to decide whether to clap your hands, sway side to side or forward the track to your rapper homeboy to see if he can create something.

On second thought, hold off on that last strand. Dude’s liable to make “an Independence Day song” or other assorted nonsense. Let Thelonious’ work stand alone and untampered with as the thing of beauty it is.

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