T.H.E.M. – ‘Shaolin Blow’ Video

10.01.14 3 years ago

If the name T.H.E.M. doesn’t ring a bell, the group’s members might be familiar. Featuring Hollywood Floss, Dustin Prestige, hasHBrown, John Dew, Rob Jay, Kidd the Great, Thurogood Wordsmith, The K.I.D., Phonix and Nya, this collective of underground wordsmiths from the great state of Texas have combined forces like Voltron to deliver an upcoming project called NONPAREIL. The clique’s first single is ‘Shaolin Blow’ and if it’s any indicator of their power, hip-hop heads are in for a treat.

Produced by Chris Rockaway, this posse cut is a white-knuckle barrage of lyrical shadowboxing, offering high-density bars, an array of versatile flows that can still deliver a solid hook, and a sense of genuine comradery reminiscent of their Staten Island idols. Plus, this OG Danny Ocean + Matthew Burkle-produced visual does an excellent job of bringing their black-eye raps to life in high-definition.

Groups should be efficient and T.H.E.M looks like a well-oiled machine, out the gate.

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