There Are No More “Cassette Tapes”?

08.23.11 6 years ago 26 Comments

As the Oxford English Dictionary ushers in new words, they have to discard older words in order the create space. Last week, the OED gave notice they’d be recognizing 400 new terms such as “sexting,” “retweeting” and Paola’s favorite term, “woot.” In turn, 200 words no longer in fashion would be removed from the abridged dictionary. Terms to be axed include “brabble,” “growlery” “video jockey” and *gasp* “cassette tape.”

Yes, cassette tape will cease to be found so I’m not sure how I’m going to convince my kids that mixtapes were once more than a folder of mp3s on their hard drives. Hell, they already stare in amazement when I play CDs now. No way they’ll understand how those plastic things containing silky spools of ribbons and reels were the reason rap grew to be what it is today.


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