There Is A God: Drew Brees Signs 5-Year $100 Million Contract With Saints

07.13.12 6 years ago 28 Comments

So it looks like New Orleanians* planning on delivering their firstborn to Drew Brees’s doorstep to get him to come back to the Saints can cancel those plans. Drew Chainzzz has signed the richest contract in NFL history. Read em’ and weep.

According to ESPN Drew Brees has signed a five-year $100-million contract that guarantees $60 million and $40 million in his first year. No player in NFL history has averaged $20 million a year.

Excuse me for a second.

AJ Yes

Prince Splits

Pac dance

After the worst seven sports-related months one state has ever had to endure (losing Chris Paul, losing to San Francisco, LSU getting stomped, bountygate and Brees-related anxiety), the city finally has something to celebrate. Now, allow me to talk my isht.

This means great things when the Saints win the Super Bowl in New Orleans and Drew Brees cuts a promo on Roger Goodell that’d make Stone Cold Steve Austin’s King Of The Ring speech proud.

Sorry, I’ve already started drinking in celebration. Anyway, DREW BREES IS BACK! That’s the moral of the story.


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