Things Went 0 To 100 Real Quick When Fredro Starr Went On The Breakfast Club This Morning

07.31.14 3 years ago 61 Comments
fredro starr onxy breakfast club

The Breakfast Club

Remember that time Fredro Starr said “the b*tch came up out of him” during an encounter with Suge Knight? Well Charlamagne Tha God clearly is not Suge.

During Onyx’s interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, Fredro and Sticky Fingaz detailed some of the group’s history, including a great story about their chance meeting with Jam Master Jay. The Breakfast Club trio and the mad face crew—minus Sonny Seeza–all managed to keep the mood light until Charlamagne brought up a not so flattering tale involving Fredro and his former Moesha co-star Brandy.

Now I don’t want Ray J, The Money Team, and his gangster rapist associates to track me down, so I probably wouldn’t have brought this up in an interview, but–ever the risk taker–Charlamagne intimated that Brandy sang into Fredro’s microphone thusly, and from there the proceeding took a sharp left turn, starting around the 8:15 mark in the video.

Fredro: Yo Charlamagne! What happened when you got punched in the eye, B?

Charlagmagne: The guy got killed later on, but it wasn’t because of me.

Fredro: I just wanted to know.

Charlegmagne: Karma is crazy

Fredro: That shit was mad funny though, B. Yo &ss was running like this *mimes cartoon character escape*.

Charlagmagne: I had to get outta there. It was an ambush…

Fredro: I woulda stopped to fight.[…]This your radio station! This your block n*gga! You got ran off your own block! You got ran off your own block!

Charlamagne: It happens!

Fredro: It’s all good though. N*ggas get p*ssy sometimes.

Charlamagne: I mean you and 50 got into it? 50 hit you too, right?

Fredro: 50 ain’t touch nothing, n*gga! 50 ran like you!

And it only gets worse from there. Real n*gga-isms, hand clapping, removal of glasses, clenched jaws, and spitting hard into microphones continued throughout the rest of the interview, and the light-hearted vibe never returned.

It’s definitely an entertaining watch–my favorite part is when Fredro refers to Charlamagne as “big man”–that thankfully didn’t end in violence, but you have to commend Charlamagne for standing his ground and even continuing to needle and potentially provoke his clearly upset guests.

Is it Guy Code to get angry when someone brings up something you said into a video camera? Apparently Fredro doesn’t think so.

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