Jerry Ferrara Learns To “Think Like A Man”

03.26.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Now that Entourage has ended, the question is what will happen to Jerry Ferrara? He’s appearing in his first role post-Entourage in the upcoming Steve Harvey flick, Think Like A Man, where he’ll play the character Jerry, boyfriend to costar Gabrielle Union and fans will wonder whether he can distance himself from his role as Turtle. It wouldn’t be naive to think that he can’t. However, maybe it’ll be more fascinating to see if he can make the Turtle character (or at least some aspects of it) more malleable, building a marketable career out of a pigeonholed role like Jennifer Aniston.

Funnymen Kevin Hart and Weeds’ Romany Malco will surround Ferrara in Think Like A Man and they should serve Ferrara’s best acting interests. He can play off these established comedians, while doing the average (although clingy) New Yorker he channeled with Turtle. Not that the film’s likely to garner Ferrara, Hart or Malco Oscar nods, but that’s not the point. Guys like Hart will distort their faces and voices to bring the laughs; ladies will dig the romantic plot and Ferrara will continue being the everyman we all expect of his characters. It’s not the deepest of roles, but at least he has his niche. In taking movie roles like Think Like A Man, Ferrara will end up just fine.

Think Like A Man comes to theaters on Friday, April 20th.

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