This Day In History: The Seattle Supersonics Head South

07.02.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Call it denial, but regardless of a lockout(s), sports continue to make me happy. However residents of Seattle and/or Supersonics fans, July 2 probably does not emit the same feeling. On this day three years ago, the franchise left the Pacific Northwest for Oklahoma City in what became sports’ equivalent of the Brad Pitt (the team), Angelina Jolie (OKC) and Jennifer Aniston (Seattle) love triangle. True story, I once met this guy that worked for Seattle’s city government who proceeded to tell an in-depth story of how the move went down. To make a long fable much shorter, many residents of the “Emerald City” refrain from addressing the situation at any length due to the raw emotions involved with the team and their departure.

By the end of our conversation, this gentleman literally had tears streaming down his face as he attempted to convince myself and anyone who would listen Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp were the greatest duo to ever step on hardwood. Granted, while it is not the Colts leaving Baltimore-type level of betrayal, it is an overall a sad sequence of events and result for one of America’s finer cities (from what I hear).

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the spectrum, Ed The Sports Fan and Skip Bayless have not stopped smiling since.

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