“This Is Family…”

02.05.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Listening to Fab’s verse on the “Bricks” remix (BRICKS!) reminded me of something.

I have nothing against Mike Shorey.

I hold no grudges against Lil Mo, Jagged Edge, Ne-Yo. None of them either. They’re cool.

But when Mr. F-A-B-O is around Clue, his Street Fam cohorts & (old) Desert Storm teammates, he’s a much better listen. Steel sharpens steel so when you put throw Fab in the ring alongside cats like Pusha & Mal on “Joke’s On You” or with Cain, Budden & Freck, he brings his A-game that trumps all that syrupy shit. Don’t get me wrong because there’s an empty lane there thanks to Ja Rule & the shit sells records. What Fab has always lacked @ is satisfying his core fanbase by giving them the lyrically aggressive cat who tore up the mixtapes. And we are not satisfied with the rap ballads.

What I want is more early Clue tapes, Desert Storm Fab as opposed to the desserts he makes for radio. It doesn’t always have to be that way…but if it were, I wouldn’t be mad in the least.

Fabolous Feat. Freck Billionaire, Joe Budden, Paul Cain, Ransom & Red Cafe – This Is Family

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