Three Leaf Clover…

06.18.08 10 years ago 52 Comments


I think I declared my support for Boston early.

I was really rooting for Jesus & The Kid, but I guess we’ll give a bit of praise for the Finals MVP, Paul Pierce.

Pierce has suffered thru many a horrible season and it seems like only yesterday when he was gettin stabbed up and throwin up gang signs.

In honor of The Truth for teetering walking the line & withstanding, in a time when many stars would have jumped ship (*cough*Kobe*cough*). For RayRay and KG for their time spent in small-markets, barely gettin their just due. For the Celtics for taking the chip…let’s cue up some Boston music.

This WiseGuyz album is super OOP, sort of like how long it took the Celts to get another set of rings.

The WiseGuyz – In Tha Company of Killaz – 1997

And it couldn’t be Boston without mixing in a little Benzino.

Almighty RSO – Revenge of Da Badd Boyz the EP

Celtics Smash Lakers, Bring Home 17th NBA Championship [ESPN]

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