Three Quick Notes About Freddie Gibbs’ “Baby Face Killa”

05.22.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

Upon hearing Freddie Gibbs will be dropping the long anticipated Baby Face Killa May 28, I immediately began thinking.

1. Kevin Durant can just flat out shoot. Denzel can flat out act. And Freddie can simply just flat out rap. That’s never going to be the issue. What BFK will be out to prove is its endurance over a summer scheduled to have more than a few rather important projects hitting both the shelves and e-streets. Seeing as how Gibbs and myself cannot have normal conversations like mature adults without it all coming back to something sports-related, I was left off the list of an early screening. That’s fine. Gangsta sh*t be damned because that’s a given. I fully expect Fred to drop some riding music as well (like this).

2. Touring the country with Jeezy and finding placement on TM103 was huge, but with the arrival of BFK, here’s to hoping this is the project which opens eyes currently either still closed or fixated on another artist with less, you know, rapping talent. Timing is everything and dropping this project towards the start of summer is indeed a strategic move. And so what if I’m bias. It may not be for everyone, but buddy makes good music I can go out and commit felonies to (in my head). If Fred drops some wack sh*t, I’d tell him to his face. Just from across the room by the exit sign.

3. Fred, Archie, Josh and anyone else on the team, hear me out on this suggestion. Give the world 12-14 tracks of the finest recordings marijuana and Henny inspired. Then, be out. No need to overload anything with 17+ songs when 13 high quality tracks can get the job done better.

In the meantime, and to feed the wolves until the 28th, Gibbs and Lil Reese combine hood talents for “O.V.A.” And no, to answer your question, this will not appear on Baby Face Killa.

Freddie Gibbs Feat. Lil Reese – “O.V.A.”


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