Three Reasons Rap Is Always Better When Kanye West Is Around

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04.06.12 40 Comments

Kanye West picked the week of Easter to resurrect rap and we’re all better for it. When it comes to rap’s bigger names, none does more to cause an immediate stir and generate headlines better than Kanye and the statement can be proven by looking at what he did for music over the course of a few days.

1. He released two new tracks. You’ve heard “Theraflu” and “Mercy” by now, right?* You know they’re both pretty hot too, correct? And instead of attempting a soft release or restricting how the tracks were serviced, ‘Ye tossed them into the air like loose dollar bills, encouraging DJs, his label Def Jam and all to share the music. That’s real.

West even managed to upstage himself, as revealed by “Theraflu” producer Hit-Boy. While the world waited for “Mercy” – originally scheduled to drop today- Hit-Boy shared with XXL that “we just put it out because we felt like it was so urgent, people just needed to hear it.” Nice diversion, ‘Ye.

1A. This guy’s “Theraflu” review is stupendous and additional proof that Kanye gets people going. H/T to Complex.

1B. There will be an increased awareness of and appreciation for Tity Boi. And just wait to those unfamiliar with rap find out that 2 Chainz previous stage name was Tity Boi.

2. He’s pissing people off again. Arrogant Kanye is polarizing, but we love him for it. After Tupac, there hasn’t been a rapper that everyone – aunts, uncles, your accountant, the grocery store clerk, et. al – had some sort of opinion about, except for Kanye. A Gem specializing in duality, he always manages to force people to pick a side in regards to how they feel about him, his music and the Kanye show as a whole.

Even greater, he pissed off PETA with his “”Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor” line in “Theraflu,” a song whose title irked Theraflu’s maker too. We don’t think he intended to piss off the makers of the cold-killing medicine but collateral damage happens when you let your mind spray freely.

3. He picked up Kim Kardashian as his date for the show. Whether it’s a real deal relationship, a spring fling or maybe even a publicity stunt, the thought of Kanye baggin’ Kim K. makes for great theater. Knowing their personalities and moth-like attraction to the spotlight, their relationship is good for show business because this is still all entertainment and a show.

Kim is just the type of woman the new ‘Ye would like. Hollywood ‘Ye not Chi-town ‘Ye. Someone he can have sex with and talk about the new ladies footwear and clothing with. Their pillow talk would include “who wore it best” contests between Kim and whoever was caught wearing what she had on. It’s a match made in heaven. Yeezy taught Amber, but Kim was born knowing.

And even when it all goes down the toilet, we may still end up with another “Blame Game” or an 808’s redux that’s more refined** now that he’s mastered the sound he was trying to achieve with the album. A win again for the people.

* – Which song do you like more? Vote in our Facebook poll.

**Imagine the highly-stylized, naked cell phones pics that could potentially emerge later.

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