The iPod Shuffle: G-Unit’s “Bad News”

08.14.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

Young, disrespectful, vibrant and immune to any rules the establishment set forth before them, one could make the argument the early 2000’s G-Unit and 1992’s Bébé’s Kids were one in the same. Witnessing first hand as a teenager the Queens trio of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo rise to power by dedicating what felt like their entire existence to zapping Murder Inc. of their own was exhilarating and painful at the same time. In between the guerilla-style tactics of battle raps were the well thought out and manufactured records showcasing their chemistry and aggression to becoming rap’s new lovable bad boys.

The boisterous “Bad News” was a battle cry of sorts. 50 Cent may have indeed been the future, but with this track, a proclamation was set forth stating a new standard had arrived in the present. All three verses from the characters in question were near perfect representations of their overall styles. Banks, notably during this era, made a living, rep and substantial buzz from his other-worldly combination of punchlines and metaphors. Tony Yayo, the perceived weak link, delivered a verse both entertaining and informative with his step-by-step instructional for anyone looking to catch a body.

“From day one I came in the game they said I was hot
They got scared, spent that money and I got shot
You put pressure on me when you compare me to ‘Pac
I’m just a new kid, I can’t help it I’m hot…”

Meanwhile, Curtis once again displayed the hunger and cockiness which would make him a lightning rod for controversy and success only months later.

G-Unit – “Bad News”

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