Thunder Evacuate Memphis With A Triple OT Win

05.10.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

Anyone else burned-out after watching the Thunder-Grizz TV marathon last night? Anybody else have a hard time determining which squad to root for in this series? With everything knotted up at 2-2, the NBA’s undercard matchup may be turning into the best one going right now.

In one corner stood the upstart Thunder, showing complete focus this postseason after building off last year’s success. Kevin Durant, seemingly usurped by Derrick Rose as the twinkle in sports media’s eye, and Russell Westbrook possess every intention of loading the franchise and fans on their backs for a trip deep into the second season.

On the other side, the Grizzlies, a motley smashup of underdogs, doing everything within their might to maintain a city currently submerged underwater and who just lost their largest icon. After dismissing the Spurs, Z-Bo and company have become this year’s Cinderella, a title held by OKC last season. Randolph’s number one henchman last night seemed to be Marc Gasol, who played with enough grit to make me think the Lakers ended up with the wrong Gasol sibling to fit their needs.

And last night, both teams did battle, raging against each other for three overtimes before a victor was crowned. The Grizzlies lead by 18 at one point and trailed by 10 at another. Each squad equally exhausted since the previous game went into overtime too. Hell, I was spent just watching the game. And now, I’m resting up before Wednesday’s Game 5.

For everyone asking, Nashville is approximately three to four hours away from Memphis and therefore I’m unaffected by the flooding there. But thanks for your concern. Redirect those prayers and thoughts to the folks in the M-Town.

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