“Cruisin’ Like A Don, Subwoofers On…”

01.17.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Listening to and seeing the cover art for “Acura Legend” by Thurz reminded me of fathers and sons. One of Pops’ dreams was to pass on his white 1992 Legend to me when it came time. Elegant and classy, it was his baby for sixteen years, like no other car was. As I got closer to driving age, he installed new seats, swapped out the windshield and added a six-CD changer (which was popping at the time) so that it’d be something I was proud of driving.

When I finally got my license, Pops began looking for a new whip and I’d borrow the Legend for joy rides, errands, and everything in between. It only took me two months to blow out the decades-old passenger side speakers and break the antenna (more than once if my memory serves correct). Ultimately though, the torch was never passed because it broke down just short of 200,000 miles and so my dad wound up buying two cars instead of one.

To date, that Acura has been the car that Pops cherished and cared for the most, even more than his newer ones. And knowing him and his tendency to remain attached, that fact probably won’t change for many years to come.

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