T.I. Ft. Cee-Lo Green – “Hello” Video

05.22.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

In terms of T.I. songs titled “Hello,” the one from 2006’s King still gets the edge. There is a cool backstory involving the more recent one, however.

Monday evening while contemplating taking a swan dive out of my apartment window because the NBA brilliantly took the night off, I channel surfed. T.I.’s Family Hustle reality show has always been a favorite mainly because it’s the only program of its kind I’ll watch faithfully. And tweet about. I mean, I’ve never seen an episode of Love & Hip-Hop, but one thing I can tell you is Stevie J could very well receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in about five years pending he keeps his approval rating at its current pace on Twitter.

Anyway, Monday night’s episode of Hustle found Tip informing the Harris clan they’d all be traveling with him to Vegas for his “Hello” video shoot. Their task was to create several roles to play in the video, all of whom can be see here at various points. The episode (and series, as a whole) was enjoyable to watch off the strength it was empowering to see such positivity and entertainment from a style of program normally breeding ignorance and negative stereotypes.

Believe it or not, Tip truly is the best father on television right now with his son, Major, being the funniest tyke on TV not in those AT&T child focus group commercials. In fact, if Hollywood is smart, they’d cast the two in their own film pending this next Will and Jaden Smith movie is a success.

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