T.I. Spent Your Annual Salary In The Strip Club This Weekend

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
10.19.15 16 Comments

T.I.’s life coach won’t be pleased with his latest public showing. Looking to cement his title as a Neanderthal, the rapper took a trip to Vlive Dallas gentleman’s club on Saturday night and proceeded to pay tuition costs for a few ladies employed there. According to TMZ, Tip made it rain to the tune of $30,000, which probably pissed off any Grand Hustle artist who can’t get a budget for their album. Uncle Sam was probably irked, too, because Clifford reportedly owes several million in back taxes. Then again, if you’re already millions in the hole, what’s a couple of thousand dollars, anyway? Turn up now, pay later.

It’s also bad timing for Tip because he spent most of last week digging himself out of the grave he created when he said America doesn’t need a woman as president. Right now, there’s an angry fem tapping away a 1,500-word article on how Tip ain’t sh*t and using this clip as part of her ammo.

(Via TMZ)

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