“Tie My Hands”

06.03.08 10 years ago 94 Comments

Words By Jada G.

No governor, no help from the mayor. Just a steady beating heart and a wish and a prayer…

It’s hard to pinpoint when the tide’s turned, but it seems like overnight, I started paying attention to young Hot Boy turned self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive.” And with all the anticipation surrounding Tha Carter III, good or bad, it would be hard not to take notice. Lil’ Wayne leaves the cocky swagger and clever wordplay for perhaps the most vulnerable moment on the album, “Tie My Hands.” He reflects on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, just a memory for some but a way of life for the people of New Orleans. “They keep telling us freedom, but they couldn’t even leave a ladder.” Kanye’s production and Robin Thicke’s falsetto infuse soul into the track, that allows him to step away from the persona and just speak from an honest place:

Born right here in the USA, but due to tragedy, looked on by the whole word as a refugee. So, accept my emotions. Do not take it as an offensive gesture. It’s just the epitome of my soul.

Real talk.

Lil’ Wayne Feat. Robin Thicke – “Tie My Hands”

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