Tiger Woods Captures World Golf Championship, Momentum Heading Into Masters

03.11.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

A young Tiger Woods seen here, long before the Majors, the multi-hundred million dollar Nike endorsements, the scandal and the long road back to the game’s most dominant entity.

Tiger locked up his 17th World Golf Championship title yesterday, marking the first time in five years Eldrick heads into the Masters with two Tour victories under his belt. I’ve quietly been following Woods’ game. Like most former champions, winning in the regular season is awesome, but doesn’t hold a candle to turning it on when the lights are the brightest and America’s watching your every move – in this case, for Tiger, a Major. Between Rory McIlroy stumbling out the block under Nike’s umbrella and T-Woods appearing healthy and gaining more confidence by the stroke (no pun intended), it’s starting to feel like winning time again.

Woods creeping on a come up for the world’s #1 ranking is cool and all, but it reminds me of a bucket list item. I’ve got to learn how to play golf. It’s money to be made, Cuban cigars to be smoked and business to finalized out there on those greens.

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