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07.25.14 3 years ago 21 Comments

Tiny Defends Floyd Mayweather’s Press Conference Comments [Rickey Smiley]

How Do Other Notable NFL Suspensions Compare With Ray Rice’s? [Deadspin]

Air Jordan Release Dates August 2014 [Sole Collector]

Genius Dad Figures Out Way To Fill 37 Water Balloons In 20 Seconds [Huff Post]

EricKelly Is The Best Thing That Happened To The MLB All-Star Game [TSFJ]

My Son Has Been Suspended Five Times. He’s 3. [Wash. Post]

The Fascinating Story Of The Inventor Of The High Five [Priceonomics]

Solar Storm Nearly Destroyed Life As We Know It Two Years Ago [Capital Weather Gang]

11 Hilariously Awful Pieces Of Sex Advice Courtesy Of Fox News [Salon]

This Is What A Silencer On A Shotgun Sounds Like [Digg]

What the Internet Can See From Your Cat Pictures [NY Times]

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