Tiny Of Xscape Has One Helluva Story About The Night Biggie Died

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08.01.14 36 Comments
Xscape In Chicago

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Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is finally speaking out about the time Biggie Smalls dissed her and ’90s R&B group Xscape.

For anyone needing a Rap refresher course, the Brooklyn rapper had a song in ’94 called “Just Playin’ (Dreams).” On the classic track, Big listed all the popular R&B singers he would pipe if given the opportunity. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Xscape didn’t make the cut, with the rapper citing they were too unattractive and that he would boink drag queen Rupaul instead.

I’ll put Chante Moore p*ssy in stitches
I’ll f*ck RuPaul before I f*ck them ugly ass Xscape b*tches

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s move along.

Tiny stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and admitted they were left “feeling some type of way” over the “Dreams” diss. The pint-sized singer says Biggie attempted to apologize multiple times for the disrespectful line but the group just weren’t here for it. On the night of his death however, Tiny finally met up with Big where he apologized and backtracked on his comments.

“We did feel a kind of way. Actually, We was doing our second album and Jermaine was like, ‘Yo! Big here. He wanna come to y’all show.’ We were like, ‘Hell nah! No!’ Then he came to see us and Jermaine was like, ‘He wants to talk to y’all. He wants to meet y’all.’ Everybody was like, ‘No! We not going out there!’

“But the night that he passed (March 9, we were at the party and he asked to talk to me and Kandi. Me and Kandi were there. Kandi was like, ‘I’m not going over there. I don’t wanna talk to him.’ So I was just like, ‘I’m going to go over there and see what he’s talking about.’

“He just apologized and said that he should’ve never said it and how he was ugly, too, and you guys look good now. I should’ve never said. I wanna apologize. And that was that. I just told him we weren’t feeling him at all. But I was glad we got to talk before he passed. It was March 9th, at the party he left.”

L O freakin’ L at Biggie saying he was ugly, too. Too as in “also” as in “you and me both” as in “sorry not sorry.”

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