TiRon & Ayomari – “Thing Go Right” Video

07.20.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

“She said we don’t talk like we used to, She I’m too distant and the kisses feel different…”

Anyone who’s ever been in going steady with someone of the opposite sex for more than six months have heard the above quote before. In most cases, the words are said by a woman and heard by a man who’s mistakenly taken relationship homeostasis for granted without realizing that women need constant emotional upkeep. As soon as she finishes the sentence, the guy usually starts feeling dizzy and submerged under thoughts of “what the fuck did I do wrong now?” So it’s fitting that TiRon and Ayomari’s visuals for “Thing Go Right” take place underwater, swimming against the current like salmon.

“Shit, I barely ever call her, all I hear is how I’m fucking up, so I don’t even ask her how her day was…We used to call each other baby, ain’t it crazy, we call each other, now maybe both of us done gave up.”

When things devolve to that, there’s no returning and the next step is to get your toothbrush back from her crib. The only things ahead are a messy breakup, empty whiskey bottles and a new search for the next stop on the love train. At least now there’s good theme music to go along with the ride.

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