TiRon – “For Your Smile”

02.17.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

And back then I was rockin’ Payless/cuz my mother got paid less/and if it cost over $30, had to Ross it…”

TiRon takes you back to those school daze, when finding Ms. Right Now was more pertinent than finding “Ms. Right.” When your social status was directly attributed to your wardrobe and who was draped on your arm. Over the whimsical strings and keys arrangement by DJ Dahi, his words will either ring true or hollow depending on your lot in life during adolescence.  Regardless of what side of the fence you were on, we can all agree that things were much simpler back then.

Be on the lookout for TiRon’s upcoming Mustard mixtape.


Download — TiRon – “For Your Smile” (Prod. By DJ Dahi)


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