TNA Wrestling Kills Itself With Stupidity

03.14.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

Last night, TNA Wrestling put the final nail in its coffin by jeopardizing the health of its wrestlers and cheating hundreds of thousands of people out of $35. Tell me if you heard this one before: Jeff Hardy showed up to a pay-per-view totally smashed out of his mind.

TNA bookers, instead of pulling Hardy from the show, let him stagger out to the ring for the main event of their most recent pay-per-view “Victory Road”. What resulted was sheer calamity: Sting grabs Hardy, slams him and the ref counts the three in a main event match that lasted 88 seconds. If you watch closely, you’ll see Hardy kind of trying to kick out, so he might not have even been in on the finish of the match. Sting and the ref just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Hardy, whose known for jumping off the top rope, could have killed himself if he tried anything like that in his condition. So TNA opted for a quick match that left the crowd yelling “bullsh*t” to end the broadcast.

TNA had an easy solution that they ignored: just send out a replacement for Hardy. Just send anybody else out as a substitution for Hardy and have a match. Instead, everybody in attendance and the people that paid to see a (scripted) competitive event, got hosed.

This has some serious long-term effects for the company. If TNA doesn’t drop Hardy, especially since this is the second time he’s showed up to an event hammered, then it’s a clear sign they just don’t give a f*ck. Even if they do fire him, it might be too late as so much damage has been done.

Here’s the video from last night’s farce. Enjoy before it gets pulled.

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