Tom Brady Stars In “Funny Or Die” Clip, Clarifies He’s Not From Boston

05.30.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Excuse anyone for thinking that Tom Brady isn’t from New England. Between GQ covers and posing next to wifey Gisele Bundchen on red carpets, the Patriots’ quarterback looks like he just stepped off the Kennedy compound in Martha’s Vineyard. But, alas, he’s just a good-looking guy (and exceptional football player) from San Mateo, California, who people think comes from the land of lobsters and hard vowel sounds. Hence Funny or Die’s latest video skewering that image, as Tom walks into a SoCal Dick’s and is mistaken for a Beantown tourist.

Todd from infrequent Community fame eggs on Brady in all of Boston’s hackneyed colloquialisms, while the Super Bowl winner loses his shit and karate chops a cardboard cut-out of himself. There are also Matt Damon references, Japanese tourists and Under Armour schilling, so click the link, you moron. Brady’s reaction is akin to what probably happened to Wes Welker when he dropped that pass in Indianapolis.

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